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What Makes A Rifle In-Accurate?
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Possible Cause
Possible Correction
Cracked Stock
Glass Bed
Bent Guard Screws
New Screws
Bolt Stop Touching Stock
Relieve Area
Damaged Or Burned Out Crown
Burned Out or damaged Throat
Set Barrel Back & Re-Cut Throat
Damged Rifle Barrel (worn-out, rust, etc...)
New Barrel
Stock Warped
Glass Bed & Float Barrel
Ring In Barrel
Cut & Crown or New Barrel
Bent Barrel
New Barrel
Excessive Fouling
Clean Barrel
Bad Scope
Factory Repair or New Scope
Loose Sights
Tighten Sights
Loose Scope Base & Rings
Tighten Base & Rings
Recoil Lag Not Making Proper Contact
Glass Bed

Note: Many times accuracy can be restored in older guns (either sporting or military) simply by recrowning the barrel.
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